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    Tuesday, December 20, 2005

    Today is not Yesturday

    Christmas is officially here as Mom delivers the Christmas schedule which will involve me going home on Christmas Eve to be with just them , then staying the night and driving up to Kingsport on Christmas day to see my brother and his family, then driving back, and then me coming back up here until new years, or staying a day with them. Oy. So, I told my mom that next year after I sell a “million dollar” screenplay, I’ll fly them both out for an LA Christmas. Or, maybe we’ll go to Vegas. It really will be easier that way.

    Here’s a couple of interesting articles about C.S. Lewis. They take two diametrically opposed views , though one is more personal while the other is an article in a specialty magazine. The first if from the Baptist Standard, which paints Lewis as “the last century's most famous convert from atheist to Anglican-“. Then there is this one, from piano tuner Steve Van Nattan, or more specifically his wife Mary, both of whom seem to be right here near me. Raise the roof high brethren. Notice at the end of the article that she uses the Lord to deflect any bad blood that might come from her lack of proper source citations.

    OK, there is currently something wrong with the paste function in my MS WORD which is driving me insane. To paste anything into it I now have to use “Paste Special”. It’s time for a system restart. I’ve become so accustomed to cutting and pasting at my whim that when it doesn’t work it feels like someone ripped off one of my arms. Just building this little post with it’s (3) hyperlinks was like scaling Mt. Sinai.

    Also, for those of you who didn’t get the e-mail, the ever vivacious Anne Miller will be behind the bar on New Years Eve for a one time, limited engagement fundraiser, for her new establishment. By fundraiser, I mean she needs the tips because I doubt those yahoos in MN know how to lay down cash for a lady. (Sorry about that last sentence Anne, it made you out to be a floozy, which we all know you are not.)

    I went outside this morning to fling rocks at Mr. Nibbles, but had to move slowly back inside. It seems that there was some sort of wild squirrel cabal going on outside. I counted fifteen before I edged back in and closed the door. Nothing more unsettling than hearing fifteen squirrels chitter while they run around knocking each other off branches. It must have been some sort of turf war. Hopefully they’ll take car of each other. I hope it didn’t have anything to do with me giving one Squirrel warlord fresh nuts and not the other. Oh well, diplomacy at work.


    Anne Miller said...

    I could be a floozy ... thanks for the PR

    Fabricationist said... could be anything you wanted to be.