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    Wednesday, December 21, 2005

    Evangelical Smack Down

    Here’s the 139 page decision in the Philadelphia "Intelligent Design" case. It’s nice to know some people still have their heads screwed on straight. Of course, Pat Robertson has to add the Dover area to his little “God hates you” list. If this keeps up, maybe we can just find a place for the Evangelists. I’m thinking an island in the general Hurricane zone. We could call it “Evangelical Island.” And maybe the marketing slogan could be something like “Where all God’s wrath passes through on its way to Judgment.” Of course the best time to visit would be December – May for Atheists, Agnostics, and members of any humble belief. For Evangelicals, it would be June-November.

    Also, a few amusing links to the yearly SantaCon world events, of which the Auckland Incident was connected. Also, Santarchy and a photo pool from one fellow who thought a nice Cthulhu Santa would be just the thing.

    I think the cabin's floor is settling in for winter. It makes extremely loud Cracking noises. No damage is present yet so I think its the old expansion/contraction thing going on since the inside is 70 degrees and the outside is 17 degrees. Sometimes it's so loud it scares the Jeebus out of me. For some reason I have this vision in my head of the whole place splitting in half and falling into a very dark hole, where I can feel the cold dead breath of something giant that's been slumbering for a thousand years. I imagine stumbling through the rubble until I find a large round rock. While I pass by it, the rock flutters and opens to a giant eye that begins to look at me longingly. Then my feet get stuck and I begin to sink into the folds of its mucus-coated skin. Just before I go under, I can feel a thousand teeth begin to chew my legs and realize it will take me a long time to die. Well, I don't think that all the time.


    English Bob said...

    Ina happy coincidence on Evangelical Lovecraftian stuff you should check out the Cthulhu "Chick Tract"

    If you don't know the Chick Tracts you should....deeply deeply weird stuff.

    Fabricationist said...

    You once pointed me to the "Chick Tracts" and I have since figured out that I have a number of them in my collection of Evangelical ephemera. The thought of a Cthulhu one makes me envious. I may have to print it out and saddle stich it and throw it in my collection.

    That of course makes me think of the Cthulhu dildo cozy that was for sale on ebay.

    mds35 said...

    Here's another festive link: The Scared of Santa Gallery.