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    Monday, December 05, 2005

    Magic Pants

    I have bought a pair of “Legendary Gold” magical pants for only $10.99. They repel stains and are resistant to wrinkles. They must be cunning and powerful, these pants, to resist the entropy of the wrinkle. It says that during washing they help to lift stains, so they must be mighty as well, these pants. Not only that, but they are also double pleated and feel like polished canvas, but what do expect for $10.99…satin? They are of course black, but they didn’t have a cheaper pair without the stain resisting mojo. It also says that they like to relax, which is good for I do as well. I have never bought a pair of pants that comes with a 1 year warranty. I am excited. If they work out, they may become a part of the official Brigade uniform. If they chafe they shall not. I think I shall name them Carl.

    (Note: best read in the voice of John Lovitz.)


    The lovely and the talented said...

    Sometimes you worry me....Who would name their pants Carl? I much prefer Rolf or Benji.

    English Bob said...

    A man and his pants - a gripping epic of derring do in the steamy jungles of East Tn.

    A tale with everything - lions, tigers, wild wanton women, dwarf squirrel tamers and, above all, pants.

    More pants than you could shake a stick at.