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    Thursday, December 15, 2005

    Cinema Death Watch

    It had to eventually happen. They've been trying to do it for years, and now they're actually perusing it wholesale. Why make a movie that is going to flop. It makes perfect sense to run it through a “smart” neural net first and see if it is worth everyone's time and money. Screw the intricacies of the plot. Hollywood is killing itself, someone else needs to step up to the plate. This is only countered by the fact that 90% + of this years award worthy films were all made for under 30 mil. Maybe they can just push past the creative element and build another neural net that'll write the script. Then monkeys could direct from remote loctions via virtual presence. No one ever believes me when I tell them these things.

    I think I'll switch to poetry. No one ever messes with poetry.

    Blockbuster 1:

    Large ship/plane/train with lovers onboard.
    Big storm of waves/rain/lightening and emotion.
    Keira Knightley, George Clooney, Mos Def and Julia Roberts.
    Robert Redford has a cameo, or maybe Paul Newman.
    If it's quiet, Bill Murray will pass in the night.
    Someone will die.
    Someone will cry.
    Someone will be lost.
    Someone will change.
    Someone will mentor.
    Someone will learn.
    Then all will be lost.
    Or maybe not.

    Damn. I never was good at poetry. Well, at least not the good kind.

    I once had a monkey,
    Who’d sit and throw his dung.
    Then climbed on trees all day long,
    While having lots of fun.
    Then one day he found a tick,
    Embedded in his head.
    The tick was very poisonous,
    So now my monkey ‘s dead.

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