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    Tuesday, December 27, 2005

    Useless Poetry

    Today it seems a poem is what,
    Is needed here to read.
    Instead of all the trifles
    I’ve been posting with such speed.

    So here it is in all its glory,
    For you to look upon,
    And wonder if my sanity,
    Has run willy through the Morn.

    Its contents will be simple,
    And possible containing,
    Almost anything that I can think,
    That you’ll find entertaining.

    So push ahead and keep on reading,
    I’m doing all I can,
    To make this poem nonsensical,
    Which always was the plan.

    Just a few more stanzas,
    So try and push ahead,
    Because If It slows down at all,
    The bomb will kill us dead

    It makes no sense, I am aware,
    This little thing of words.
    But somehow here it is the same,
    This verbal pile of turds.

    I've told you nothing useful,
    For the preceding 25,
    So I doubt that you'll get anything,
    From this poem that doesnt strive.

    Yet still you keep on reading,
    Which is your first mistake.
    Your second will most likely be,
    The time you doth forsake.

    Now that I have once again,
    Wasted all your time,
    I need to take a shower now,
    And end this simple rhyme.

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