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    Tuesday, August 15, 2006

    Getting to know...

    Well, whether a bad choice or not, I've spent the last couple, or four, evenings at the only thing that passes for a bar in the general area. As is usually the case there is a small but wonderfully eclectic regular set that I'm slowly getting to know. This is of course in the effort to not only understand the neighborhood better, but also see if this will be the place I hang my hat over the remainder of my stay in this neighborhood. As usual, I have made people laugh as well as I think put one or two of them against me. This is inevitable and more rewarding than simply being accepted wholesale. I'd say it'll take quite a few more visits and more money than I dare think of before I decide if this is somewhere I’d like to hang out on a regular basis. It would seem that I still have a knack for ruffling the feathers of ex-military types. I’m not sure I’ll even completely rid my self of this characteristic since it isn’t always for the same reason that they don’t take to me. Not that it matters really for I never tire of veiled threats of the nimble possibilities of C4.

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