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    Wednesday, August 30, 2006

    It's the clickkkkkkking

    Ah, another day in LA. Went to start the car to go to the grocery store and what do I get but the clicking again. Since I'd already been jumped off once and had "recharged" the battery once, I decided it wasn't likely to be the alternator, but the battery unwilling to hold a charge. So I called the trusty AAA which transferred me to Sonoma and then to LA and then to East Tennessee who had to get on the line with an LA rep to explain the fact that while I might be an ETAAA member, I was actually at the moment in LA. After this was worked out they sent around the "Battery" squad. I nice Latino fella’ by the name of Willy, I kid you not, which made me feel right at home. He checked the battery and yep, it was Kaput. So, he replaced it and the final charge was only $108.20, which doesn't seem so bad. It'll hurt later when I'm waiting for invoices to be paid, but right now I feel OK with it.

    It’s now to late to go to the grocery store, unless I want to take and hour and a half to so it, so I’ll got tomorrow.

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