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    Wednesday, August 09, 2006

    Worst Movie Ever

    I just lost an hour and half of my life watching what is arguably the single worst movie ever made, ULTRAVIOLET. Yes, I rented it because it had Milla Jovovich in it, and yes Milla in leather and bared mid riff is of great interest to me. However, this film makes the entire cannon of Roger Corman films look like French New Wave. There is no story, and if anyone out there was as naive as I, and can explain how and why the swords at the end are on fire, please let me know. I also rented Aeon Flux, knowing it too would be bad, but have not yet watched it since ULTRACVIOLET was more awful than anticipated. I long for the day when you could rent bad movies and actually enjoy them for being bad, but not un-watchable. The female action star is dead. Long live Sigourney Weaver. I shall now slink away and remember Milla as she once was.


    CK said...

    I'll be interested to see whether you think Aeon Flux is as bad. It's been a LONG time since I stopped a movie part-way through, but even Charlize in tight black clothing wasn't half enough to carry me to the end on this one!

    Fabricationist said...

    Comparatively, Aeon Flux was a gem of a not so good movie. It was completely watchable in comparison. You'd not be able to get past the first five minutes of ULTRAVIOLET. Go on, give it a try.