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    Wednesday, November 02, 2005

    3 Hours and $40.00 later

    SABOTAGE!. Squirrels must have sent an agent in last night to weaken the key. Luckily I am more than willing to call a locksmith from a rental cabin near by all the while assuring the renters that the call I am making is local and that I do not plan on killing them all. Temperature outside drops at a rate of 5 degrees per hour when waiting on a locksmith. Next time I'll wear more than a t-shirt. Will only go running in parka now with extra set of keys and 10 lbs. of food. Luckily the locksmith was kind and only charged $40.00 for two keys and a round trip journey on his part of 30 miles. Only here in the woods would a locksmith feel guilty for being late. Going to drink coffee now and try and warm up. May have to add radiator fluid to coffee to stay warm. The squirrels don’t know about the extra key. I must hide it somewhere they’ll never look.
    Mr. Stitches.


    tnbonairediver said...

    Bill says that you should have had some WE-40, but in the great woods it is hard to find. I am loving the inside mind of your sanity or insanity as the case may be.

    Just don't feed the squirrels as they are the agents of the mind crushers. Just block them out with lots of coffee and antifreeze if needed.

    mike said...
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    mike said...

    I've always heard that you really only ever need two tools. If it moves and it ain't supposed to, use duct tape. If the inverse applies us WD-40. In this case I guess the application of these two tools would be to throw the can of WD-40 though the window and then duct tape the hole up once you get inside.

    You might even be able to construct a duct tape trap for the squirrels, as they tend to fall into the category of "moves, but it isn't supposed to".