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    Tuesday, November 08, 2005

    Officially Sanctioned

    An officially sanctioned Brigade watering hole is opening in MN in the spring. Not all bars are up to the task of satiating members. It is guaranteed that this one will be. They've had experience dealing with me, which makes them fully accredited. If you're in the Winona, MN area next spring, drop in for a pint and show your true colors.


    tnbonairediver said...

    Do they not have a Web Site yet???

    Rob Williams said...

    Why a pig/boar? I thought she was a pirate not a swineherd....

    Fabricationist said...

    The "boar" is the Passant of the O'Malle coat of arms.

    In Ireland the boar is one of the most popular charges. The meat of the boar was considered to be food of the Celtic Gods. The symbol of the boar was worn in battle as a charm against injury

    NAME: O'MALLEY BLAZON: Or a boar gules. CREST: A ship with three masts sails set all proper. MOTTO: None recorded.