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    Saturday, November 12, 2005

    Jimmy Carter is Crazy

    When one thinks of a cabin in the mountains, one thinks of light breezes, the sound of rustling leaves and an overall lack of intrusive sound. Unfortunately today has been nothing but the sounds of construction and leaf blowers. The construction I can almost let go since Jimmy Carter is building a deck that extends out on the far side of the pond. He has already built a number of benches and bridges in the so-called “public” areas of Hidden Lake Estates. The leaf blowing however has been going on for about two and a half hours now and all I have to say is, “WE ARE IN THE FREAKIN’ MOUNTAINS.” At first I wasn’t sure if it was even coming from our little neck of the woods. Leaf blowers are very loud devices and it is quite simple on a peaceful Saturday in the mountains for an obtrusive noise such as this to carry. However, a few short minutes ago, while I was preparing a nice batch of beans and rice with chicken, I could swear I heard the noise getting closer. “Why on earth,” I asked myself, “would a leaf blower be getting closer to the cabin?” So, I looked outside. Low and behold here comes good old Jimmy Carter down the dirt trail that runs around the entire pond, with his leaf blower, clearing off the path of all of the recently fallen leaves. YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME! I have now decided that not only is Jimmy Carter crazy, but he is also a hindrance to my own sanity. Please see the photograph provided as evidence of the elusive leaf blowing Jimmy Carter, in the wild (his plaid jacketed, leaf blower wielding self can be located in the right side of the photo). I can only hope now that the squirrels get to him before I do.

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