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    Friday, November 18, 2005

    Tinkering About


    Tinkering about today moving bits from here to there and sometimes back again. Trying to make Tales of the Fabricationist a bit more useful as a somewhat professional warehouse of goods. Things will start popping up over there in the sidebar as well. Only one new post a day over there though. Until then I've posted some cloud textures over at flickr that may sooth your soul if it is weary.

    So that you won't be bored, here is a little poem.

    Tippy the bear sat up with a start,
    He sat right up in bed to the beat of his heart.
    It was beating quite quickly, quite quickly indeed.
    Tippy the bear was so scared that he peed.
    His sheets turned all yellow, his face changed to red,
    But tippy the bear kept on wetting his bed.
    His bladder soon empty, like a newly dead sack.
    Tippy sighed a bear sigh, and laid down on his back.
    Just as quickly and fast as the fear had first been,
    Tippy the bear dreamed of having a swim.

    Oh yeah, and here is a picture of me, not suitable for framing and yes I realize I am pouring bourbon and lime juice together. It wasn't my drink I was pouring...I don't think.

    1 comment:

    The lovely and the talented said...

    Even though you are pouring bourbon and lime juice you still look all sexy bald!