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    Thursday, November 24, 2005

    Thanksgiving and Remains

    So, I hope everyone, that celebrated it, had a nice Thanksgiving, and I hope Sarah and Kurt now have a new addition to their ever-expanding franchise of Zinser-Lowe produced offspring. While on the subject, I should also congratulate Mico and Susanne on their addition as well, some eight weeks past or so. Everyone now has two. I'm really just waiting on the names.

    This will probably be viewed one day as the most tasteless blog transition ever, but time is limited and I've been drinking.

    Since I started telling people that I took the Forensic Anthropology course from Dr. Bass in the early 90's at UT, people have been asking me what it was like. So, while I can't really answer that here, I can link you to one of the reports I turned in, in 1992, so that you can see what we produced each week for class. I picked it from the middle. I think we produced ten of these reports, so it should be indicative. It would take me about 20 hours to produce one with the organizing and diagramming of the skeletal remains, then the research and the actual production of the report. It was hands down the hardest class I have ever taken. Then again, I was a bit behind from the start. It unfortunately does not contain the figures/diagrams that went with it because I no longer have access to a copier that makes “.pdf” files and I never got around to running my stuff through it while I did. I also don't know what my grade was on this one, but it was probably a B or C because of mistakes in the bibliography. Since these were "legal" documents we were producing, we had to be exact on references since the entire thing could be thrown out, theoretically, on the basis of a misplaced comma or missing period. I almost always hit the facts square on the head but then hosed the whole thing on the references. I should have had an editor or a savvy Admin Assistant while taking that course, but alas I did not. Anyway, it's over on Tales of the Fabricationist and can be found here "Forensic 92-5" as well. Be careful, it contains math.

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    Happy Turkey Day, dude.