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    Saturday, November 19, 2005

    Mouse Trap and White Chili

    All I wanted was a mousetrap. The reason is that there is either a mouse in the cabin or one of the plants near the window bears fruit that looks like little chocolate jimmies. So I went out for the mouse trap knowing it was Saturday and sunny. I am a fool. While it did not take long to get to the Wal-mart, getting back to the cabin was something like 30 min for five miles.

    Stopped by the grocery store where there was a pound of ground chicken for $ 1.79. So, I picked-up a few things and went home and made a very spontaneous white chili, which I've never made before and which I made-up. I'm now wondering what it has in common with other people's white chili. This one takes like 20 minutes to make max. I also seeded (peeled as it were) a Pomegranate, which was interesting. I now have a container of Pomegranate seeds that I intend to add to a salmon and spinach salad tomorrow.

    1 lb ground chicken (browned)
    1 can Great Northern Beans (drained/rinsed)
    1 can Black Beans (drained/rinsed)
    1 packet Pioneer Biscuit Gravy Mix (2 cup version)
    Salt and Black Pepper to taste

    Combine first three ingredients once Chicken is browned. Make gravy as per directions. Add gravy. Add water to achieve desired consistency. Allow to simmer for ten minutes. Enjoy with biscuits or corn chips. I thought it was quite tasty, but then again it was chicken and beans in gravy if you want to really break it down. How bad could it be?

    I wonder why I don't seem to be losing any weight? Oh Well.

    Oh yeah, and I've now baited the trap (which is a live capture box since I can't bring myself to kill it) with the fresh peanut butter I made from a cup of the 5 cup container of peanuts given to me after the party at the bar.

    I am living the life of Riley. Don't tell his wife.


    english bob said...

    At this risk of seeming little a pedant...

    Isn't a requirement of chili that it have chili in it?

    english bob said...

    Or even a little LIKE a

    buckfelty said...

    how about combining the mouse situation with the chili-making. see the film Never Cry Wolf for reference. save money, rid your house of critters.