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    Monday, November 28, 2005

    Storm's a Comin'

    The storm’s come back. It wants a piece of me this time. I can feel its distain in its warm breath. It’s almost December and the temperature outside is 61 and dense with trouble. It knows I’m leaving and wants to get me before I do. In two days I’m heading west, back to the city of the fort. Back, to the place where the honey flows. So, Tomorrow I’ll batten down the hatches and turn off the generators and polish the floors. Make nice just in case the owners come home. They’ll wonder, “Who's been sleeping in my bed?’ “Who’s been eating all my food?” They’ll say, even though all the food is actually mine. But I’ll be gone, at least for a few days. Then I’ll be back, sleeping in their beds and eating their/my food and wondering when the next storm will come. But for now it’s spit and polish. Heave Ho!

    Stories to read.

    Also, here are a couple of nice articles about C.S. Lewis and the Chronicles of Narnia in general because of the movie and such that I’ve found to be quite enjoyable as well as informative.

    New Yorker

    New York Times

    And here is one on making colored bubbles.


    English Bob said...

    First Bibles and now C.S.Lewis?

    The boy has found the Laaawwwddd!

    Praise be.

    mike said...

    For those who hate compulsory passwords on newspaper web pages I would recommend