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    Wednesday, November 30, 2005

    Prince of Kittens

    I am currently in K-Town at the benevolent wishes of his most gracious Prince of Kittens, Duke of Kittendom, High Potentate of Litteracy. Or, as I simply refer to him, "B-Dog." It is here I shall remain for at minimum of four more days doing his every bidding which is mostly feeding, and occasional scratches behind the ears. Like all Monarchs before him, he has a rather rude propensity for late night activities, for which we are currently searching for a cure. However, while in his service he has been most very gracious and kind by allowing me access to his DSL connection, which makes me weep at its speed and accuracy.

    Things of possible interest (maybe only to me)


    29 Cloud Textures added

    11 Clouds+Objects added

    I shall be at the only officially sanctioned Brigade watering hole in town, this evening.


    buckfelty said...

    union jack's. mmmmmmm beer.

    Fabricationist said...

    Yes my friend, there was much. My fingers are numb as I type this.