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    Thursday, November 03, 2005

    FIshing with Bagels

    Baud Rate: 26400 bps (I’m not sure it is going to get better than this)

    Went down to the pond today to test the fishing in case my food runs out. I fished with an old hotdog bun, a bagel, and later with some salmon and some fluorescent trout bait. It is now scientifically proven, as far as I am concerned, that brim prefer to eat without a hook in their food, but will be caught with a piece of bagel quite nicely. Unfortunately most of the ones I caught would be best eaten cured like sardines. If it gets bad I’ll have to build a net from dental floss and cast it wide. Either that or I’ll got to the grocery store and buy some more food.


    Anne said...

    In a pinch I've found bottle rockets to be effective - just watch your aim.

    Fabricationist said...

    Luckily there is a fireworks stand just down the road a piece.