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    Tuesday, November 15, 2005

    Tales of the Fabricationist

    Tales of the Fabricationist is now live. This will be where I put new fiction or even parts of fiction. It is partly me trying to make sure a nice copyright trail is in effect as well as making myself create new content. I'm sure in some way I'm hurting my ability to publish it anywhere else, but only the future will tell if that is true. Since this is primarily a "local" site for friends and relations, it shouldn't constitute official publication. So having said that, I am now stating that the items over at Tales of the Fabricationist are being placed there for storage purposes only and are not intended to be considered self published works of fiction. Having said that, I'm not sure there is anything I can do to stop you from having a look. I can't guarentee the frequency that new things will be posted there, but hopefully it will be more frequently than not. I still haven't gotten the font to be the one I want nor do I have much control over formatting.

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